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Mrs. A's Special K's

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Ways to Praise Your Child

Praise is critical to the development of our children.  Take every opportunity to pour it on 'em!  Here are some great "Praise Phrase" ideas...

Praise Phrases to Share with Your Child
Way to go!
You're special!
Awesome choices!
Very Special You!
Well Done
I knew you could do it
I'm proud of you!
Nice Work
Looking good
You're on top of it
You're incredible
You're fantastic
Hurray for you
Now you've got it
You're on target
You're on your way
How nice
How smart
Good job
That's incredible 
You're amazing!
Nothing can stop you now!
You're unique
Good for you 
You're a winner
Remarkable job
Beautiful work
You're spectacular
You're a darling
You're precious
Great discovery
You've discovered the secret
You figured it out
Fantastic job
Hip hip hurray! 
Super work
You're important
You're sensational
Creative job
Super job 
You're a real trooper
You are so responsible
How exciting
You learned it right
What an imagination
What a good listener
You are fun
You're growing up
You tried hard
You care
Beautiful sharing
Outstanding performance
You're such a good friend
I trust you
You're important
You mean so much to me
You make me happy
You belong
You've got a friend
You make me laugh
You brighten my day 
You mean the world to me
That's correct
You're a joy
You're a treasure
You're wonderful 
A+ job
You made my day
That's the best
Thank you!
and... I LOVE YOU!!!  

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