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Mrs. A's Special K's

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05-06 School Year Supply List


Kindergarten Student Supply List

* Backpack (no rollers please) -- with ID tag attached labeled with student name and "Kindergarten"
* One bottle of liquid hand sanitizer
* One -- 1 1/2" WHITE VIEW binder
* One large box of Kleenex
* Small crib size pillow
* Small crib size blanket
* Last name A-M: 1 box sandwich size Ziplock bags
* Last name N-Z: 1 box gallon size Ziplock bags
* One change of clothes (underwear, socks, pants, shirt in large Ziplock bag -- name clearly marked on all -- will remain at school)

All of the above supply items should be brought to school on the first day.

Supplies such as crayons, pencils, glue, folders, etc. are purchased in bulk by the school and are included in the supply fee portion of tuition/fees.

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