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Reinforcing Reading at Home

Reinforcing Reading at Home
Reading at home should be a vital part of your child's day.  Here are a few helpful tips:
When you are reading TO your child:
  • Make sure the child can see the pictures easily
  • Use expression in your voice, reading in a natural speaking voice
  • Encourage your child to predict what might happen next as the story develops
  • As you read, point to each word, sliding your finger along the text.

When you are reading WITH your child:

  • Begin reading the story at a comfortable, easy going speed. As you read, your child will begin to pick up the pattern of the story and "read" with you. Encourage your child to point to each word.

When your child comes to a difficult word, ask:

  • "Look at the picture. What word would make sense?"
  • "Look at the beginning letter of the word.  What word would make sense that begins with that sound?"
  • "Try reading that sentence again and see if you can think of a word that might make sense."

When your CHILD is reading:

  • Your child may need you to introduce the pattern of the story by reading aloud initially.  Once your child feels comfortable reading, enjoy listening to the story as he/she reads. Try to hold back when it comes to correcting them as they are reading.  The important thing is that they feel they are succeeding!

AFTER Reading:  Talk about the story and ask ?'s like...

  • "Were there any surprises?"
  • "What did you like best about the story?" 
  • "Which character did you like best, and why?"
  • "What did you like/dislike about the ending?"
  • Ask your child to re-tell the story in his/her own words.


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