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Mrs. A's Special K's

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Skills to Work on With Your New Kindergartener

Prior to or as your child is beginning Kindergarten, it would be beneficial to work with your child on the following skills:

Speech and Language Development
  • speaking in complete sentences
  • listening and following directions
  • reciting songs and poems from memory
  • recalling events from a story

Concept Development

  • identifying basic shapes (circle, triangle, square, rectangle)
  • counting to 10
  • identifying colors

Physical Development

  • persisting and completing simple puzzles
  • printing first name (capital letter at the beginning only)
  • using crayons, scissors, and glue with control
  • stringing cheerios on a piece of string/yarn

Personal and Social Development

  • tying shoes
  • showing independence in dressing (buttoning, zipping)
  • completing tasks
  • taking turns
  • working with a group

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