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Mrs. A's Special K's

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What We Do in Kindergarten

What We Do in Kindergarten

We Do This

To Learn This

Sharing (Show & Tell)

Overcoming shyness/building confidence


Listening to others


Speaking clearly and easily

Center/Station Time

Solving problems together


Being independent learners


Following directions 


Respecting others


Working together




Exploring and investigating

Clean Up

Being helpful


Accept responsibility

Group Time

Critical thinking


Increasing attention span and concentrating


Sharing ideas


Developing listening skills


Naming/writing letters and numbers


Beginning reading skills


Counting/math skills




Enjoying books


Extending experiences


Understanding words


How much God, our Creator, loves each of us


How to live for Jesus every day

Science/Social Studies

Exploring God's world

Eating Together

Practicing good manners


Singing praises to God and enjoyment of music


Developing a sense of rhythm


Developing sound discrimination

Physical Education

Keeping our bodies fit


Enjoying recreation


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